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About Us

Why Are We the Best?

The environment I create is an atmosphere that is quiet and relaxing where you feel nurtured and comfortable. For a total sense of well-being I use soft lighting, soothing music, nature sounds, candles, eucalyptus and aromatherapy, Organic products are used for ALL massages. Cold pressed virgin coconut oil or CBD oil is used for the body along with non-scented avocado cream on the hands and feet. Quality is key as your body sinks into my professional grade, extra padded massage table with fresh blankets and towels. A private shower and free street parking or secure gated parking is available. By Appointment Only Call Today. *Certified Massage Therapist*

Deep Tissue Massage
Our Staff

Meet Our Expert

Tammy Langenburg

Established Massage Therapy LA in 2010.  I have been a CMT for 16 years. I first started out in Atlanta working at Hotel Nikko massaging in the spa 16 years ago. Through those connections I traveled with musicians and athletes to games and on tours.  That landed me in sunny California where I work on major motion pictures and TV shows massaging film production and actors. I have 9 episodes on that I choreographed and wrote called The Rub.

I do lymphatic drainage for mommy makeovers, tummy tucks and liposuction with several plastic surgery centers . The Melvin Weinstein Parkinson’s foundation is my grantor which enables me to massage their patients at no cost.


What People Say About Us

I’ve played sports my entire life so I’ve always been an advocate for proper recovery. Stretching…BCAA’s…Cryotherapy… and whatever else was said to work. I can honestly say that despite trying pretty much everything out there, I’ve never felt better then after a massage from Tammy. She for sure has a magical touch and a calming spirit while so repairs your body. She is by far the best sports massage therapist I’ve ever encountered. I look forward to every appointment! The environment is peaceful and calming to set your mind at ease. If you’re on the market to find someone that is consistent and gets your body back/ready to go, then look no further!

Aaron C.


It’s pretty challenging to say something different than the other 5 star reviews for Tammy so I’m just going to say that she’s absolutely Wonderful!! I hold a ton of tension in my neck and shoulders and she was able to work out the knots like it was nothing!! If you are a germaphobe like myself and covid scared ya quite a bit, do not worry her home studio was SPOTLESS and she made sure that your hands were cleaned and everything was sanitized before you even sat or laid down. I got a deep tissue massage and feel great! She’s very friendly and great person who I would definitely recommend!

Kevin H.


Called Tammy because I’d read some of her reviews. My daughter had just given birth five days ago and was in knots, sleep deprived, and stressed out, in general. Seemed like the perfect gift….an in-home massage. We lucked out when we got Tammy. My daughter said that she was very in tune with what she needed. She provided strong and effective relief from the knots and pain in her back and shoulders. I was told that this was the best massage she’d had in her whole life. That’s quite the statement, since she’s had many, many massages. She is so much better now. Way more relaxed and the pain has all gone from her back, neck and shoulders. Well worth the money. She came within an hour of our call and she was really wonderful. She will be my daughters massage therapist of choice now. I’m so thankful.

Lynee W.


I am a professional soccer player, and I suffered a very bad knee injury last year and I did a surgery to fix my knee cap in order to play again. I have heard about the great massage service that Massage Therapy is offering, and I made the contact with Tammy in order to set an appointment. To my surprise Tammy made my recovery shorter than expected and put me back in the field with no time. The place is very clean, the environment is very comfortable and pleasant. I am very much recommend the place and am very pleased with Tammy’s service, very professional and educated about the body.

Sagi Lev A.


The only disappointment I have is that I cannot give a 10 Star Rating! 5 is simply not enough to describe what a great massage Tammy gives. I have literally in my lifetime received many hundreds of massages. I am a big advocate of the many benefits that you can receive on so many levels. I must say that having gone to many different venues from Spas to Resorts, Clubs and In Home and having experienced the many different styles that are out there I have come to this conclusion: TAMMY IS THE BEST. And like I said I’ve had a lot of massages. Great personality and disposition. Very professional, very experienced. Just a great overall person and a great overall masseuse. If you have not experienced a massage from Tammy then you have never had a quality massage.


Massage Therapy LA is Southern California’s premier source for professional onsite or mobile massage specializing in fixing injuries. My in home location is open For Massage In A Safe Clean Sanitized Environment 6 Days a Week From 10 am to 8 pm. Available on sets, corporate events, concierge guest massages, employee appreciation and private parties. For a total sense of well being; relax the body and the mind will follow.
14630 Vose Street

Van Nuys CA 91405
Serving Los Angeles & Surrounding Areas

Phone: 310.428.4190

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